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I had to make a decision: To keep updating this section or …. To continue to write music.
I have chosen the second one! Best regards,

Jaime Romero




August, 2016


I am publishing today the Classical Guitar version of “Casi te Perdi” – Vals # 6 fingered and reviewed by Alberto Morelli (  

The score and audio files can be downloaded for free in the following links:


Jaime Romero
Houston, TX – August 6th, 2016.




July, 2016


The Colombian Andean Trio version of "Mientras Descanso" has been published. The score with individual parts and mp3 can be downloaded at:




July, 2015


Guitar quartet version of Waltz No. 5 titled "Desde lo Alto". This piece was dedicated to my friend and extraordinary guitarist Alberto Morelli in its original version for guitar solo.

The score and the individual parts can be downloaded for free here:


Best regards,

Jaime Romero
July 30th, 2015.



April, 2015

The Spanish virtuoso, maestro Gabriel Estarellas is releasing his latest musical album titled "Guitar Encores" that include two pieces written by me:

“Florecita del Camino” award winning piece at the Festival Mono Nuñez in Colombia and “El Olor del Laurel” which is one of three waltzes dedicated to Gabriel Estarellas.
I am very proud to participate in this important international project that recognizes not only Latin American music, but also for our Colombian music.

It will soon be available to you in the most important platforms like iTunes and CD Baby.

Find more information here:

Best regards,

Jaime Romero
April 11, 2015.


March, 2015

During the months of January maestro Alberto Morelli performed some of my music at the University of Oxford. During the month of February, the “Ensamble  Conclave” had a concert tour and performed some of my music at the University of Berkley. This wonderful group is comformed by Felipe Garcia , Francisco Rivera, Mauricio Rodriguez and Omar Beltran

At the end of March or early April, the Spanish virtuoso, Gabriel Estarellas, premiered his version of "Florecita del Camino" and the Waltz No. 1 named "The Smell of Laurel."

These works will be part of the CD "Guitar Encores" and it will be available in various digital platforms such as iTunes and CD Baby among others.

I always feel more than proud to be able to contribute with my music and give back to our Colombian folklore !.

Thank You.

Jaime Romero
March 21, 2015.



"El Intenso", (Colombian Andean quartet version) . The score and the individual parts can be downloaded for free here 



July, 2014


The event entitled "A Look Inside the Brain of a Composer" was a success. Participants contributed enormously by asking relevant questions and bringing up several topics enriching the masterclass. The closing concert was spectacular thanks to the talent of the “Cuarteto Tempo”, the guitar duo conformed by Mario Sesto and Sebastian Barrionuevo, as well as the guitar player David Hernandez.

All of them have been students of the Argentinian maestro Alberto Morelli.





Performed by:


Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo
Verde Verde
Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo
Sangre Latina
Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo
La Hora del Girasol
Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo
Serenata Bohemia
Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo
Jaime Romero
Cuarteto Tempo






Performed by:


De Noche
Chacarera Simple
Damian Carrizo
Damian Carrizo






Performed by:


Delirio y Fuga
Jaime Romero
Mario Sesto - Sebastian Barrionuevo





Performed by:


Mi Guabinita
Jaime Romero
David Hernández
Jaime Romero
David Hernández



Jaime Romero

July, 29th 2014



The Event "A Look Inside the brain of a Composer" which took place from 7 to 11 July of this year, closed with an extraordinary concert performed by:


  • David Hernández (Guitar)
  • Mario Sesto and Sebastián Barrionuevo (Guitar Duo)
  • Alberto Morelli and Jaime Romero (Guitar Duo)
  • Cuarteto Tempo (Ingrid Chalar, Marcelo Oscar Leidi, Juan Barrena and Luciano Palacios


The photo galleries (high definition) can be downloaded below:






With great hosts


Congratulations to the participants for their extraordinary talent. I want to thank the Municipal Department of Culture directed by Daniel Vleminchx, Enrique Pelicon, Andrea Nerina Alberdi, Walter San Roman, Maria Martha Rodriguez, Macarena Ailin and all staff members.

I also want to highlight the extraordinary work performed by maestros Alberto Morelli and Nuria Oliva whose support was essential. They definitely gave me the chance to meet wonderful people like the Calo’s brothers with whom we had the honor of sharing wonderful moments.

I will continue uploading more concert videos and photos.

Thank you,

Jaime Romero

Julio 17 2014




A partir del 7 de Julio del 2014, tendré la maravillosa oportunidad de compartir con talentosos músicos argentinos. Ofreceré durante esta semana unas conferencias tituladas como “Una Mirada al Interior del Cerebro de un Compositor”, dirigida a músicos profesionales, músicos aficionados y publico en general.

Los objetivos de esta charla son:

1.- Entender y aplicar el proceso de composición
2.- Aprender y aplicar las técnicas utilizadas durante este proceso
3.- Descubrir la capacidad individual para componer.


El documento en formato pdf puede ser descargado gratis AQUI

Estrenaremos la versión para dueto de “Nocturnal” con el maestro Alberto Morelli y haremos el análisis morfológico de la obra.

El cierre de este ciclo, tendrá a cabo el próximo sábado con un extraordinario concierto en donde los mejores guitarristas, duetos de guitarra, el cuarteto Tempo y el maestro Alberto Morelli interpretaran parte de mi obra escrita para todos estos formatos.

Es por lo tanto para mi un honor el compartir un espacio con estos grandes maestros Argentinos y difundir nuestra música Colombiana en Latinoamérica.

Un saludo,

Jaime Romero

Julio 6, 2014




Today I am publishing the version of “El Bosque de las Orquideas” for Guitar Quartet


The score and individual parts can be downloaded for free here

June 29th,  



Today I am publishing the version of “El Bosque de las Orquideas” for Andean Colombian Quartet (Two bandolas, tiple and guitar).



The score and individual parts can be downloaded for free here

June 16th, 2014


March, 2014


I am publishing the version of “Nocturnal” for guitar solo reviewed and fingered by maestro Alberto Morelli (Argentina) ( This was the winner piece at the Mono Nuñez Festival, Colombia 2011.


The score can be downloaded for free here:

March 16th, 2014



February 2014

In this issue in the month of March, I wish to share my humble experience as a composer by offering some of the elements I have used frequently as a composer. I hope these techniques would hopefully shine some light on any one who wishes to write music.


Una mirada al cerebro de un compositor

February 22nd, 2014


This is the audio of the 2014 version of “Embrujo de Luna” for guitar solo, reviewed and fingered by Alberto Morelli. The score can be downloaded for free here:



This is one of my favorite pieces whose original version was recorded by the “Trio Palosanto”

February 18th, 2014



January 2014


Many people write me every week asking me about aspects of general composition or music related. A few days ago someone made me an interview and I got the idea of ​​compiling monthly some questions that might help in some cases to those interested.

Every month I will answer some concerns as well as technical or personal information. My interest is to pave the way for those interested in the process of composition and instrumentation. Regarding to some personal questions I think is a way to repay the kindness of those who take time to ask.

If you have any particular questions you can contact me through my page in or Twitter @ jaimeromerousa

Best regards, Jaime Romero January 31, 2014.




Maestro Alberto Morelli has received high praises for his work in Argentina. It is important to mention that over the last two years maestro Morelli has made an invaluable contribution by reviewing a big part of my repertoire for guitar solo, and achieving a very high quality editions able to compete with any international publisher.

The link can be opened here:

These scores are always available for free download at

Great job maestro Morelli and I wish you too many more applauses in the future.

Jaime Romero

December 24, 2013


This is the audio of the last version (2014) of "Confesiones" (Bambuco) for guitar solo. The score can be downloaded for free here

December 21st, 2013  




November 2013

La Hora del Girasol (The Sunflower's Hour)

The guitar quartet version can be downloaded for free here




Alberto Morelli plays at St. Thomas University (Canada)

Morelli dazzled students and faculty at STU’s Margaret Norrie McCain Hall on the afternoon of Nov. 6, where he performed a variety of intricate arrangements.



Serenata Bohemia (Guitar Solo) - (Pasaje-Vals)

Composed by:

Jaime Romero

Performed by Andrés Garcia (Guitar) in the Central Park - New York.

November 20th, 2013.



Complete success during Alberto Morelli’s and Nuria Oliva’s visit in Houston. Two concerts and one didactic workshop in 24 hours.

These are some pictures during the concerts.

Richard Lavenda (Orchestra Director and Composer) - Alberto Morelli
Ilsa Bonham-Peña
Jaime Romero
Alberto Morelli
Miguel and Clemencia Ruiz
Alberto Morelli - Jaime Romero (Rehearsal)
Antonio Zambrano and Alberto Morelli
Hector Lechuga, Mario Hernandez, Carolina Luna

The complete galleria can be accessed HERE


He will perform Latin-American music with pieces composed by Antonio Lauro (Venezuela), Agustín Barrios (Paraguay), Jaime Romero (Colombia), Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Martin Kutnowsky y Carlo Domeniconi (Italy). Pianist Nuria Oliva will make the comments about the pieces during the didactic workshop.


Date Place Address Time Program
Friday November 15th, 2013.
Sponsored by Friends For Life (Charter School)
5503 El Camino del Rey (Houston, TX 77081)
6:30 - 8:30 PM - Library
Saturday November 16th, 2013.
Cinco Ranch High School
23440 Cinco Ranch Boulevard - Katy TX 77494
11:00AM - 1:00 PM Library
Saturday November 16th, 2013.
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston
5200 Fannin St. | Houston TX 77004
4:00 - 6:00 PM - Library


October, 2013

ENSAMBLE CRUZAO (Winners Festival Mono Nuñez 2012) - (Colombia).

Vino tinto.
Fantasía en 6/8.
J. D. CÓRDOBA: Intachable.
Eco; Paz y yo; Son cruzao.
"El Duende" and "Serenata Bohemia"
L. CARDONA: Bambuquísimo.
Ruth la mohabita.
Tango por Claude; Vals a Margaux.
Amigo eterno.
Diablo suelto.

More information informacion here

September, 2013

Maestros Alberto Morelli (Argentina) and Nuria Oliva (Spain) offered a Latin-American music recital in Esquel (Argentina) including pieces composed by Antonio Lauro (Venezuela), Agustín Barrios (Paraguay), Jaime Romero (Colombia), Astor Piazzolla (Argentina), Martin Kutnowsky and Carlo Domeniconi (Italia).

September 28, 2013 


Piece composed and arranged by Jaime Romero. Reviewed and fingered by Alberto Morelli (


Score can be downloaded for free here:

September 10, 2013.

August, 2013.

Yesterday, maestros Alberto Morelli (Argentina) and Nuria Oliva (Spain) held a succesfull concert in Comodoro-Argentina were he performed works by A. Lauro, A. Piazzolla, J. Romero, A. Barrios, C. Domeniconi and M. Kutnowski.

These are some press articles in Argentina:

Diario Crónica
El Patagonico

August 31, 2013.


Next Saturday, August 31 maestros Alberto Morelli (Argentina) and Nuria Oliva (Spain), will offer a concert in Comodoro-Rivadavia (Argentina). Maestro Morelli will perform works by Antonio Lauro, Agustín Barrios Mangore, Jaime Romero, Astor Piazzolla, Martin Kutnowski and Carlo Domeniconi.

August 28, 2013.



On Saturday August 31maestros Alberto Morelli and Nuria Oliva will offer a concert in Comodoro-Rivadavia (Argentina). They will perform music composed by Antonio Lauro, Agustin Barrios Mangore, Jaime Romero, Astor Piazzolla, Kutnowski and Carlo Domeniconi.

August 28, 2013.

Today I have released the version for Colombian Strings Orchestra conformed by Three (3) Bandolas (Mandolin), Two (2) Tiples, Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 (7th String B).


The complete score including individual parts can be downloaded free here:

August 16th, 2013.

Last week I published the guitar solo version of "Serenata Bohemia" reviewed and fingered by "Alberto Morelli" ( Its a technically demanding work that contrasts with the simplicity of some of our Latin American rhythms such as Waltz and pasaje.

“Serenata Bohemia” incorporates some jazz elements that enrich the work without losing the traditional essence.


The complete score including individual parts can be downloaded free here:

Agosto 1, 2013.

July, 2013

Colombian Pride Award

During the Colombian Independence Day celebration in Houston, Texas is awarded to ten prominent Colombians in different areas. These areas include medicine, arts, science and business among others.

Jaime Romero was awarded in the category of “ART AND CULTURE” by the General Consul of Colombia in Houston.

International Musicians.

His composition works have crossed borders, including Argentina. There, one of the greatest guitar players, Alberto Morelli, has been interested in the work of Jaime Romero. With the help of Mr. Morelli’s deep knowledge, for the past two years they have worked together to revise Mr. Romero’s scores, adding more pieces for the Latin-American guitar repertoire.

Another Projects

Jaime Romero is currently working on a musical production as a composer, at the invitation of one of the greatest Spanish guitar players whose name remains in reserve.


This project involves four composers from other Latin American countries whose objective is to rescue the musical form of the Waltz presenting the world with their different variations across Latin-American.

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