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Jaime Romero

jaime-romeroColombian Guitar player, composer, chemical engineer and educator based in Houston, Texas. Jaime was born in Ibague, Colombia where he began his studies in the Colombian Conservatory of Tolima. Before that, he studied classical guitar with Maestro Gentil Montaña and attended workshops of technique and interpretation for the guitar with Eduardo Fernández, Enrique Madriguera and Manuel López Ramos. From an early age, he showed a strong inclination for the guitar, and began to develop works for guitar solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, and for the typical Colombian trio.

The beauty of his melodies and his particular harmonic treatment have caused great impact among the most important guitar players in the world, merging complex structures such as counterpoint, Fugue and the rhythmical elements of his native Colombia. His compositions are played in Italy, Brazil, Argentina, France, Canada, United States and Spain. The most outstanding musicians have been awarded first prize with his pieces in the most prestigious musical competitions in Colombia. As a composer and guitar player, he has won first place on many occasions at the FESTIVAL MONO NÚÑEZ, the main musical competition in Colombia, with almost 30 years of tradition.

He has offered recitals in the most renowned concert halls in Colombia. His compositions have been published by Richard Stover and played by important guitar players like Carlos Barbosa-Lima, William Feasley, Goldspiel-Provost Classical Guitar Duo, Alturas Dúo, Miguel Bonachea and Alberto Morelli among others.

In Colombia, his works have been interpreted by many groups, such as: "Trio Palosanto", "Trio Cromatico", "Cuarteto Cuatropalos", "Afortiori Trio", "Trio Espiritu Colombiano", Cuarteto de Guitarras "Silvio Martinez", "Plecto Trio", "Nocturnal Santandereano", "Unico Trio", "Cuarteto Becao", "Aletheia".

With his music, he has participated in international festivals such as "7th Latin American Music Festival" at TCU and "Keowee Chamber Music Festival" in North Carolina. His experience ranges from pieces from guitar to complex pieces for symphonic orchestra.

His repertoire contains about forty written pieces for different formats such as solo guitar, duets, trios and quartets also for guitar, student pieces for guitar, small string ensemble, band, symphonic orchestra and choir.


Jaime Romero has won Eight (8) national prizes as composer and guitar player in the following contests:

    • First Place (Composer) with "Regalo" for Andean Colombian Quartet performed by the "BECAO" Quartet. July 21st, 2012.
      [ ]
    • First Place (Composer) with "Contrapuntísimo" performed by "Plectro Trío". 2002.
      [ ]
  • FESTIVAL NACIONAL MONO NUNEZ. Ginebra, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
    • First Place (Composer) with "Nocturnal" for Colombian Orchestra performed by "Nocturnal Santandereano". July 2011.
      [ ]
    • First Place (Composer) with "Florecita del Camino"  performed by "Trío Palosanto". 1999.
      [ ]
    • First Place (Composer) with "Confesiones". 1990.
      [ ]
  • FESTIVAL NACIONAL DEL PASILLO. Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia.
    • First Place (Composer) with "Limón y Menta" for Andean Colombian Trio performed by "Afortiori Trío". August 2009.
      [ ]
    • First Place (Composer) with "Sangre Latina" for Andean Colombian Trio performed by "Plectro Trío". October 2003.
      [ ]
    • First Place (Composer) with "Delirio y Fuga". February 2003.
      [ ]

These are another awards received in his musical career:

  • FESTIVAL NACIONAL DEL PASILLO. Aguadas, Caldas, Colombia.
    • Second Place (Composer) with "Casi Cielo" for Andean Colombian Trio performed by "Único Trío". August 2008
    • Honorable Mention (Composer) with "Pasillo de la Suite #1". 1998.
    • Second Place (as a Guitar player). 1998
  • FESTIVAL NACIONAL MONO NUNEZ. Ginebra, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
    • Finalist Composer with "Fantasia del Escribano". 2001.
    • Second Place (as a Guitar player). 1997.
    • Finalist- Instrumental Duet "MADERA FINA". 1996.
    • Second Place (as a Guitar player). 1988.

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